Sports Event

Sports and Events

Products in the category range from Package Prints, Trader Cards and Tickets to Sports Bracelets, Buttons and Bag Tags. There’s a wide variety of items put your photos on to show that team spirit. 

Package Prints

Package Prints are perfect for sports, dances or any event where your customer orders prints from a predefined list of packages at the time their picture is taken.

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Photo Trader Cards

Photographic Trading Cards are available in three styles: All Star, Personalized and Double Sided, all in a choice of eight background colors.

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Dog Tags

With two styles to choose from and several templates our Dog Tags can be used for the senior market as well as for sports. They also make interesting keychains.

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License Plates

We offer a variety of templates intended for the senior market. The designs, however, are generic enough to be used with a wide range of subjects.

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