ROES Client Software Launch (OS X, RWS)

ROES for Mac 10.7 and newer

ROES — Remote Order Entry System

Great! You appear to be running a Mac with OSX 10.7 or newer, which means you can use our latest ROES Web Start installer. ROES Web Start allows your computer to launch the ROES app using a self-contained Java environment which does not require your computer to have Java installed.

Download the app and begin ordering today.

If you wish to view the downloads available for other platforms, go here:
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Installing and Launching ROES for the first time.

  1. You may simply Click on the Download ROES button above and it will save to your downloads folder. However, we think a better practice is to . . . hold the Control key as you Click on the Download ROES button above and in the flyout menu, select Download Linked File As . . .

    Hold the CONTROL key as you CLICK the download ROES link. Select "Download Linked File As . . . "

  2. Find the file you saved, launchnew.dmg, Now Double-click to launch it. It will mount a disk image, then automatically open an installer.


  3. Double-click the installer. The ROES app will create a desktop shortcut and open the app.

    Important: When installing, you may have to hold the Control-Key when clicking the installer for the Mac OS to allow installation of software downloaded from the internet. 
    As the program opens you will be warned: this is an app  downloaded from the internet, are you sure you want to open it? Click Open.

  4. You must enter your MeridianPro account number. If you do not know your account number, go to this link to retrieve it: Existing Customer Lookup. You are now ready to order. Learn how to use the app with the training links below.

    Enter your MeridianPro account number. You may now begin to order.

  5. Keep the desktop icon that was created; next time you order you can use it rather than coming back to this web page.



Learn how to use the new ROES

Quick Start Video ROES v2014
Quick Start — The basics of the new ROES v2014

Quick Start

In this screencast we go over the basics of using the new version of the ROES software to order photographic prints. For professional photographers who order a lot of prints, we also give a few tips for faster easier ordering, in the last part of the video.

(9:00 mins for the basics + 5:00 for several advanced tips)



Further Assistance

More troubleshooting assistance may be found at the SoftWorksSystems client FAQ page or at our own Windows platform troubleshooting page.

Additionally, you may call our customer support department during regular business hours or contact us by email.

Phone toll free: 800-544-1370
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