Facial Retouching

Facial retouching consists of removing blemishes and softening or removing lines. We offer two different levels of facial retouching: Standard, where facial lines are softened and Extensive, where facial lines are removed. See the images above for an example of the results of the two different levels of retouching. If you request it, we will also remove facial moles, freckles and scars as well as whiten teeth during the retouching process. Pricing for retouching is based on the number of people (heads) in the image.

Additional Retouching Services

We also offer a number of additional retouching services: remove eyeglass glare, remove stray hairs, remove braces, red eye reduction, remove small background objects and tone down shine. These services can be ordered with facial retouching or on their own.

Digital Artwork

Digital artwork consists of services that are more extensive or more complex than retouching services. Almost any effect can be created through digital artwork. If you have a special request, please call the lab to discuss it. We have established fixed pricing for the more commonly requested artwork services. If there is no fixed pricing established, artwork is billed on a time used basis in increments of 5 minutes. Each 5 minute increment is billed at $6.25 and there is a minimum charge of three 5 minute increments or $18.75 for each artwork project.

Where to Find Retouching in ROES

Retouching and artwork services can be ordered in ROES by clicking on the Options button, then at the bottom of the options list clicking on the Show Options Pallet. This will show all the options in a scrollable window. At the top of the Options Pallet click on the Image Options tab to see all the retouching and artwork options.

Archive Copy of Art / Retouching

If you would like a backup copy of the completed artwork or retouching, just order an archive CD. Archive CDs are billed at $5.00.  Files can only be written to the CD at the time of their creation, additional files cannot be added to the CD later.

Digital Retouching
1 head$5.00
2 – 4 heads$10.00
5 or more heads$15.00
Simple eyeglasses glare$5.00
Remove small objects$10.00
Simple stray hair$5.00
Remove braces$8.00
Red eye reduction$1.00
Normal service time: add 1 day. 
Common Art Services
Add a person to a group$50.00
  • Lighting direction and exposure must be similar.
  • Charge is per person added.
  • No other manipulation (i.e. repositioning) is required.
Remove a person$50.00
  • Charge is per person removed.
  • $90.00 if repositioning of one other person required.
  • Additional hourly charges apply if more extensive manipulation is required.
New background$50.00
  • $75.00 if 3 people or more.
  • Customer may supply the background. It must be the proper “key” and have similar exposure.
  • No other manipulation is required.
Head or eye switch$25.00
  1. Charge is per person (one head or both eyes).
  2. Charge is per person (one head or both eyes).
  3. No other manipulation is required.
Composites (price per image)$10.00
  • Images must be similarly exposed.
  • Images should be the same “key”.
Glass glare eye rebuild$37.50
Selective colorization$25.00
Plus $5.00 per additional item. 
Image Archiving
Archive to CD$5.00