Photographic Products

Photographic Products and Services

Products in this category are printed through traditional photographic processes on silver halide paper — as opposed to inkjet printing or press printing. This is sometimes referred to as wet process printing. We use Kodak Endura professional paper in our photographic processes.

USB Drives, DVDs, Gift Boxes, etc. are included in this section because they are related to and frequently ordered with photographic prints.

MeridianPro produces beautiful professional prints on Kodak® Endura Metallic paper. This is a photographic paper that you can read more about on our Photographic Prints page or on the Kodak® site. We also image onto Chromaluxe® aluminum sheets, commonly referred to as Metal Prints. The two products are both very popular, but very different; for new customers, we want to give you the information you need to understand the difference.

Photographic Prints

Professional prints in over 80 sizes, from wallets all the way up to 30″ X 120″ prints. Prices include lab correction, but we do allow you to select no color correction if you prefer.

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Make a statement, mount your print on Standout. Choose from 3/4″ or 1-1/2″ with a black or white edge.

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Panoramixâ„¢ are true photographic prints made on Kodak® Endura® professional paper in panoramic sizes up to 30″x120″.

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Acrylic Blocks

These stunning photo blocks feature prints face-mounted to a one inch thick crystal clear acrylic block. Reflections and refractions in the blocks edges give the image a visually exciting, almost 3D look.

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Wall Collages

Wall collages, available in three ready to hang print types, offer a dramatic way to display multiple prints in a single, unified arrangement.

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Custom Printed DVD

A custom printed Blu-ray or DVD adds a new level of professionalism to any files you return to your customer. Perfect when paired with a custom case.

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