Photo Trader Cards

Photographic Trading Cards

Front of
Double Sided
Trader Card

Personalized Traders.
Single Sided.
Uncut sheets of 4.

Photographic Trading Cards are available in two styles.

Choose from All Star or Personalized Trader Cards. We also offer a Magnet Trader Card in the Personalized style.  All cards are available in a choice of eight background colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Black and Grey.

All Star Trader Cards

All Star Traders are single sided and offer no personalization. The only text is “All Stars” at the bottom of the card. They are printed on Kodak Endura E Surface paper.  All Star Traders are sold in sets of twelve.

Personalized Trader Cards

Single-sided with the team name and the player’s name on the front of the card, as well as the year. The text can either be white or gold. Personalized Traders are printed on Kodak Endura E Surface paper.  They are sold in sets of twelve.

Magnet Backed Trader Cards

Magnet Trader Cards are available in the Personalized Photographic, as well as all the Press Printed trader card designs.  All magnet backed trader cards are single sided, with the front side of the appropriate trader card on the magnet. The magnets are die cut with rounded corners.

All Star Cards12 for $3.65
Personalized Cards12 for $3.65
Magnet Trader Cards4 for $2.99

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