Photo Calendar

Photo Calendar

We offer three styles of single page photo calendars: Standard Calendars, 5×7 Magnet Calendars and Trader Card Calendars.  All styles are printed on Kodak Endura Matte (E Surface ) paper.

Standard Calendar

Standard calendars are a graphic image with one or more image nodes where you insert your images(s). Most styles are available in three print sizes: 5×7, 8×10 or 10×15. Most styles come in two different configurations, to accommodate either vertical or horizontal images.

 5×7 Magnet Calendar

All the Standard Calendar styles are available as a magnet backed 5×7 print, perfect for display on a refrigerator or inside a locker.

Trader Card Calender

This calendar uses the same design as the front of our photographic double sided trader card, but in a calendar format. Just as in the trader card, you choose a background color, a sport icon and enter the subject’s name. The calendar is an 8×10 sized print, on Kodak Endura Matte (E Surface) professional paper.

Standard Calendar
   5×7 horizontal or vertical $1.49
   8×10 horizontal or vertical $2.39
   10×15 horizontal or vertical $4.50
Magnet Calendar
    5×7 horizontal or vertical $2.99
Sports Trader Calendar
   8×10 horizontal or vertical  $2.39
Normal Service Time: 2 days