Package Prints

Package Prints

Package Prints are perfect for sports, dances or any event where your customer orders prints from a predefined list of packages at the time their picture is taken. We offer a variety of units, so you can design your own packages. Package Prints are “first run prints” and may not display the same high quality as our Professional Prints. Each image is individually lab corrected for overall color, density and contrast. The resulting prints are then packaged and sold.

Package Print Options

Units that have more than one print, for example 2-4×6’s, are available two different ways: uncut and cut. Uncut prints are returned in a sheet and are not cut apart into individual prints. Cut prints are returned as individual prints. Whether uncut or cut prints are chosen, wallets are returned uncut. Die cutting wallets is an option available for an additional charge. Mini-wallets are always returned uncut in a sheet.

A titling overlay can also be added to each print in a package print order. The title will print in white at the bottom of the print. This is frequently used to put the team name, school name or dance name and year at the bottom of each print. This is a free option in the Order Review section of the ROES ordering software.

If you have a Studio Logo on file, you can have it printed on Package Prints. To have it included, choose the Prints with Logo tab in the ROES ordering software. Including the Studio Logo is a free service, but there is a one time charge to set up your Studio Logo. Click here for more information on setting up a Studio Logo. »

Package Prints
Unit – Print SizePrice
 4 Wallets$  .78
 8 Wallets$1.56
 24 Wallets$4.68
 2 – 3.5×5$  .58
 2 – 4×5$  .58
 2 – 5×5$  .85
 2 – 4×6$  .58
 5×7$  .78
 2 – 5×7$1.56
1 – 4×5 & 2 Wallets$1.15
1 – 5×7 & 4 Wallets$1.55
8 Mini-wallets$  .78
Die Cut 4 Wallets$  .20
Die Cut 8 Wallets$  .20
Die Cut 24 Wallets$  .60

Normal Service Time: 2 days