Metal Tins

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Customize Metal Tins with your own image or design.

Metal Tins are great for gifts, keepsakes or making a special presentation for your baked goods or other gift. Three sizes of Storage Tins are available.Metal Storage Tins - Wallet

Metal Tin – Wallet

Great for wallet size prints, cards and keepsakes.

  • The tin is 2.75” x 4.1″ x 1” deep.
  • The Printed image is 2.875” x 4.225” which includes 1/16” bleed on each side.
  • Holds up to 88 wallet prints.

Metal Storage Tins - Wallet

Metal Tin – Rectangle

Silver metal storage tins: great for prints, cards keepsakes and cookies!

  • The tin is 5” x 7.75” x 2″ inches deep.
  • The Printed Image area is 5.25” x 8” which includes a 1/8″ bleed on each side.

Metal Storage Tins - Wallet

Metal Tin – Round

Silver Metal Storage Tins: Great for gifts, keepsakes or cookies!

  • The circle tin is 5.875” in diameter x 2” deep.
  • The Printed image is 6.125” square, masked to a circle, which includes a 1/8”  bleed around.

To find Metal Tins in the ROES ordering software, look for the Specialty Items section of the quick navigator on the Home page.

Metal Tin – Wallet$6.95
Metal Tin – Rectangle$19.95
Metal Tin – Round$17.95

Normal Service Time: 2 days