› Fonts for use in ROES (589 KB ZIP archive)

For ROES to display the fonts correctly, you should have these fonts installed in your computer system. Please refer to help files from your computer and operating system for correct installation.

› Masks for use in ROES (5.72 MB ZIP archive)

The ROES Pager allows you to add a mask overlay, then add solid color or an image file to the mask. You may store these mask files anywhere on your computer’s hard disk, then navigate to them when you click “Mask” in the Pager. For help using the Pager, please go to the ROES Training Page and refer to the videos.

 › Photoshop Base Templates (ZIP archive of PSD files)

Begin building on these PSD files for accurate sizing of Press Printed Products. A special Layer Group you may turn off and on has been built to show trim and safe area. Ruler guides are also set at final trim and safe area.

iPhone Photoshop Templates

You do not have to use these PSD template files, they are provided as a design aid for the few customers who have requested them. It is very easy to bring any photo into the ROES ordering interface provided for the iPhone cases. For those that want the extra step of designing and cropping in Photoshop, begin building on these PSD files for precise sizing of your image for the iPhone case. A special Layer Group has been built to show trim and safe area. Please make sure you turn off the template guides layers before saving your image for your order in ROES.

› iPhone 4

› iPhone 5

› iPhone 6

› iPhone 6 Plus

› Meridian ICC profiles (1 MB ZIP archive)

These profiles tell your computer how to “simulate” what your image might look like when it is printed on the photographic printers at Meridian. If you have any doubts about color management and soft-proofing using ICC profiles, please read the information on the page: Color Management.

There are two profiles in this ZIP archive, one for prints up to 12×36 and one for prints over 12×36 in size. If either dimension of your print is over 12×36, use the profile for larger prints.

Important Note: This file is for viewing (soft proofing) only — do not embed this profile in your images. If you embed the viewing profile, it will result in significant color problems when the image is printed. Load the profile and use it according to directions given by Adobe in the Photoshop or Lightroom help files (search for “soft proofing”).

› Kansas Sales Tax Exemption Form

If you are a Kansas resident and want to be exempt from paying sales tax, please download this form, complete it (by typing the information in using the Acrobat reader or printing it out and filling it in by hand). Then mail the form to:
Meridian Professional Imaging
P.O. Box 124
Parsons, KS 67357