Dog Tags

Dog Tags are available single or¬†double sided. We provide several templates aimed at the senior market, but most are generic enough to work for sports as well. Dog tags also make interesting keychains.¬† Dog tags are 1.25″ by 2″ and are made from specially coated aluminum panels. The dyes that form the image are infused directly into the coating, using a heat transfer process. This results in an image with vibrant colors and a glossy, durable surface. The dog tag is waterproof and can be cleaned with normal glass cleaner.

Silencer Choices

All Dog Tags come with a Silencer included at no additional charge. Silencers are a flexible, plastic ring that goes around the outside edge of the dog tag. They are available in your choice of: White, Black, Red, Blue, Clear, Pink, Flame and Camouflage. Choose the Silencer you want in the ROES options.

Chain Choices

All Dog Tags come with your choice of one of three types of chains at no additional charge. We offer a 30″ ball chain, so the Dog Tag can be worn around the neck. We also offer two types of keychains: A single link with a split ring for keys or a 1.5″ chain with a split ring.

You can select the chain you want in the ROES options.

Product DescriptionPrice
Single sided Dog Tag$6.95
Double sided Dog Tag$9.95

Normal Service Time: 2 days