Custom Printed DVD

Custom DVD and Blu-Ray Disc

A custom printed Blu-ray or DVD adds a new level of professionalism to any files you return to your customer. It’s also the perfect compliment to a Custom Printed DVD case. We print the image on the face of the disc and return it to you ready for you to burn your files onto the disc.

Blu-ray Product Features

  • 25 GB capacity Blu-ray
  • 6x Recording speed
  • Returned in a sleeve

DVD Product Features

  • 4.7 GB capacity DVD
  • 16x Recording speed
  • Returned in a sleeve
  • Custom Printed DVD’s are -R format. To use these discs your computer must have a DVD-RW or DVD+-RW drive.
Printed DVD$6.99
Printed Blu-ray disc$8.99

Normal Service Time: 2 Days