Bamboo Wall/Desk


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Bamboo Mounted Prints

Our eco-friendly Bamboo is an elegant and unique mounting option for beautiful displays. Choose from wall panels or desk blocks.

Bamboo Wall Panels – Discontinued

An elegant and Eco-Friendly ready-to-hang wall display product. Bamboo Panels are a sustainably harvested material offering a unique and natural mounting option for beautiful wall displays. The solid ¾” thick panels display the distinctive bamboo pattern along the edges of the print, and arrives ready to display with drilled keyhole hangers.

Bamboo Desk Blocks

Elegant and Eco-Friendly, Bamboo Desk Blocks are made from sustainably harvested solid 1.5” bamboo. Beautifully finished and ready to display on your tabletop, bookcase or desk.

Bamboo wall panels
Print SizeE-SurfaceMetallic
 4 x 6 N/AN/A
 5 x 5N/AN/A
 5 x 7N/AN/A
 5 x 10$27.95$28.35
 8 x 8$29.95$30.45
8 x 10N/AN/A
8 x 12N/AN/A
10 x 10$38.95$40.45
10 x 20$72.95$77.95
11 x 14N/AN/A
12 x 18N/AN/A
12 x 24$102.95$106.95
16 x 20$109.95$115.45
16 x 24$134.95$138.95
20 x 24$161.95$166.95
20 x 30$198.95$203.95

Normal Service Time: 3 Days

Bamboo Desk Blocks
Print SizeE SurfaceMetallic
2.5 x 3.5$19.95$20.25
4 x 4$22.95$23.25
4 x 6$24.95$25.25
5 x 5$25.95$26.35
5 x 7$27.95$28.25

Normal Service Time: 3 Days