Aurora Flush Mount Albums

Aurora Flush Mount Album

The Aurora album is our most colorful and creative album. It is a high quality, flush mount album with library bound, lay-flat pages. The album pages are hand crafted and attached to a premium leatherette three part cover. This design lets you customize the album cover’s colors. The front cover, spine and rear cover can all be different colors.  The 12×12 and 10×10 albums comes in five cover styles: no image, large image, small square image, vertical rectangular image and horizontal rectangular image. The three covers with small images also have a color coordinated accent frame available. There are literally hundreds of possible album color and image combinations. It’s the perfect album for everything from babies to weddings. Only available in ROES Professional ordering software.

Aurora Album Features

  • Mix and match cover and spine colors
  • Image covers available in 12×12 and 10×10
  • Cover Colors: Black, Brown, Red, Blue, White, Khaki, Green
  • Spine Colors: Pink, Lt. Blue, Black, Brown, Red, Blue, White, Khaki, Green
  • Accent Frame Colors:  Pink, Lt. Blue, Black, Brown, Red, Blue, White, Khaki, Green
  • Heavy weight, lay flat pages, 5mm thick
  • Pages available in standard E Surface or Metallic paper
  • Minimum pages (sides): 10
  • Maximum pages (sides): 56
  • Industry leading center page gap
  • Images flush to page edge
  • Corners square or rounded
  • Deluxe presentation box, leather wrapped, hinged with magnetic clasp, fabric liner, and sewn in ribbon to aid removing the album

Aurora Album Options

1) Accent Frames are available for 12×12 and 10×10 image cover albums are available in the following cover styles: small, horizontal and vertical image. They allow you to have a color coordinated frame around the cover image. Accent frames are $8.00 and come in nine different colors.

2)  Foil Imprinting on the cover provides a way to put a title or other information on the cover of a leather album. Traditional titles for wedding albums are “Our Wedding” or “Our Love Story” followed by the couple’s names and their wedding date. Foil imprinting is available in Silver or Gold. We offer up to three lines of imprinting in the center of the book and up to three lines in the lower right corner. Foil imprinting is not available or is limited for image cover albums. Each line of imprinting cost $6.00. This is imprinting, not embossing. The metallic foil is transferred to the album cover by an electro-thermal process. No impression is made in the album cover.

3) Coatings: We offer two types of coating for albums, Luster coating and Glossy coating. Both types of coating offer important additional protection. Coating makes the pages more resistant to fingerprints and moisture and also substantially reduces the chance that album pages might stick together in high humidity conditions. We recommend that all albums be coated for additional protection and durability.

4) Metallic Pages: Metallic paper is a different type of photographic paper that is also available for album pages. Metallic paper has a glossy surface and a higher contrast “metallic” appearance, which is especially noticeable in lighter colors and highlights. Metallic paper has a deeper black than standard E surface paper. Metallic paper can be ordered on a per page basis, so standard E surface and metallic pages can be mixed in a single album. There is an additional charge for each metallic page based on the size of the album. Use the options menu to set a page to Metallic.

Aurora Album Layout

Flush mount albums can be laid out in a variety of ways. If you have an even number of sides, the album can open to two blank pages and then turning the page open to a double page spread with a photograph on the left and the right. Alternatively, the album can begin with a blank page on the left and one photograph on the right. Turning the first page opens to a double page spread with a photograph on the left and on the right. The album ends with a single photograph on the left and a blank page on the right.  If you have an odd number of pages, the album can either begin or end with a single photograph and a blank page.


No Additional Album Software to Download and Learn

  • Our album page templates are installed right in the ROES software.
  • It’s as easy as drag-n-drop to build beautiful pages with multiple images.
  • We allow 2 page spreads with images that cross over both pages.
  • If you prefer to build your pages in Adobe Photoshop or other album building software, just drag your final pages into our blank page template.

ThumbnailVideo Tutorial:  Designing an Album »

Design and album from start-to-finish in about 15 minutes. Good planning and design procecedures are discussed along with use of the Pager feature to create templates and custom page designs.

pagination graphicPagination Diagrams download page »

These are simple diagrams, you can download and print out, which will aid in preliminary design of albums or books and keeping track of each page as it is added to the order.

 CoverStandard Page
per Side
Metallic Page
per Side
12×12-Image Cover$119.00$6.00$9.00
10×10-Image Cover$92.00$5.00$6.50
8×10$65.00$4.50 $5.00
8×8$65.00$4.25 $4.75

Aurora Album pricing includes: the album and presentation box, the photographs for each page priced individually and assembly of the album. The Aurora album is returned ready to present to your client.

Normal Service Time: 5 days

Only Available in ROES Ordering Software