Video Tutorials

Roes Training Videos

The ROES software is very intuitive, however you may shorten the learning curve considerably if you invest a small amount of time watching a few of our video tutorials.

If you have used the previous version, the new ROES ordering software brings several important changes that we feel sure you will like. The Java programming will be built into the app, so installation problems and security issues should be minimized because Java will no longer have to be installed and running on Windows or Mac.

Quick Start Video ROES v2014
Quick Start -- The basics of the new ROES v2014

Quick Start

In this screencast we go over the basics of using the new version of the ROES software to order photographic prints. For professional photographers who order a lot of prints, we also give a few tips for faster easier ordering, in the last part of the video.

(9:00 mins for the basics + 5:00 for several advanced tips)

How to Export Images for ROES
Export Images for ordering in ROES.

How to Export Images for ROES, from Lightroom

Questions often come up about how to move images from your camera, to your computer, then how to save them for ordering using the ROES software. In this video we go over that part of the workflow in more detail, including  suggestions for color profile, file format and specific settings in the Lightroom export panel.

An Easier Way to Load Folders of Images into ROES

Coming soon!

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Favorites and Packages in the New ROES

These two features are game changers for professional photographers that order and sell a lot of prints. Learning to use them effectively will change the way you use ROES.

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Ordering Books and Albums

The way books and albums are ordered is very different in the new version of ROES. Taking a few minutes to watch this video will give you a head start in the new system.


Videos for the older version of ROES, which have some tips and tricks that still apply.

The user interface of the new MeridianPro ROES v8 has definitely changed. The way books and albums are entered into an order is significantly different. Packages are another area that has seen big changes. However, at it's core it's pretty much the same little app, so much of the information provided in these video gives tips and tricks that still apply. There's also information given about design and layout, aspect ratio of prints, and workflow, that may be helpful. So until we find time to redo these screencast, with the new ROES user interface, we'll keep these links posted here. As you watch them, just keep in mind that tools and buttons are similar but not exactly the same.