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Last Update : 2010/05/26
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Question / Issue
I have an image taken with an old digital camera. Size says it is 1370 x 1787. Is that too small to make an 11 x 17? Thanks.

Answer / Solution

We usually recommend a resolution of 200 pixels per inch. Using 200 ppi as a guide your image would support a print up to about 8x10.

Your image, with the resolution of 1370 X 1787, when enlarged to an 11x17 print would be reduced down to almost 100 ppi. That may not produce an acceptable reproduction. Pixels may show and JPG artifacts in the image may be more pronounced.

All of that said, we should add this, we have had customers print to very large print sizes from images that have been enlarged to the same degree that you are suggesting. If the image is sharp and clear, it stands a better chance of producing an acceptable print. Photographic printing can be more forgiving of image resolution issue than printing to an inkjet, but much will depend on how critical you are of the final print.

Thank you for your question. If we can be of further assistance please email, use our FAQ system, or phone us during business hours.


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